Maimon Family Publications

Family Heritage

Sam Bension Maimon

The Beauty of Sephardic Life: Uncle Sam's collected Memories and Vignettes of Life in Turkey and the USA

Isaac Azose

Prayerbooks for Shabat, Holidays and around the year in the Turkish and Rhodes Traditions

Passover Aggada in English, Hebrew and Ladino

Ladino Reflections: Classic Ladino Songs sung by Hazzan Isaac Azose

Judy Belsky

Thread of Blue: Judy's poetic memoir on coping with her son's untimely death

Avraham and Sultana: poetry about our family history and the Journey to a New Land. Available directly from the Author

Midrash and Baklava (forthcoming): a memoir about growing up in Seattle

Moshe [Abraham] Maimon

Abraham Maimonides Commentary on the Torah edited by Moshe (Rabbi Abraham's son)

Other Topics

Michael Azose

Quest for Survival: A Historical Novel set during the Holocaust

Leslie Adatto

111 Rooftops In New York You Won't Want to Miss. Leslie is the Original Roof Explorer of New York City!

Elana Azose

Never insult a Killer Zucchini: Kids book with Tons of Science Information!

Al Azose

The Earl of Roundhaven: A Novel

Alex Jassen

Mediating the Divine: Prophecy and Revelation in the Dead Sea Scrolls

Scripture and Law in the Dead Sea Scrolls

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